Overview of Boston Hort's Landscape Solutions

At Boston Horticultural, you can choose from a variety of professional services tailored to your needs, whether you need trees or shrubs planted, ornamentals pruned, diseases diagnosed, or your landscape revitalized and re-envisioned.

Our areas of focus

Fine Pruning

"Trimming" and "pruning" are terms that are often used interchangeably; however, they are actually quite divergent disciplines. Learn about the difference between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning, and why fine pruning is generally the best option.

Landscape Renovation

You might have many great plants in your yard: why "throw them away"? You probably don't need a new landscape design... Probably a simple Landscape Renovation will suffice!

Tree and Shrub Diagnosis

Sometimes, tree and shrub diseases can be really baffling and no matter what you do, it doesn't seem to help. Find out about our Tree and Shrub Diagnostic Services.

Proper Planting and Plant Establishment

It is astounding that rates of failure for landscape plantings continue to be so high... Well, actually, considering that plant biology is complicated, it's not so shocking. Learn why we are fully-qualified to plant trees and shrubs.

Other services

Plant Health Care

Trees and shrubs, like people, have specific requirements to keep them in good health, thus avoiding expensive remedial procedures. We will gladly implement a health care plan for your plant, if warranted.


Integrated Pest Management

We can advise you on how to deal with insect and disease problems in an environmentally-friendly way, without too much reliance on pesticides.


Landscape Design

Bringing your vision to life is an undertaking we really enjoy - often, we are able to help customers discover what it is they're really looking for.


Landscape Evaluations

Sometimes, it's important just to know what condition your landscape is in. That's when an independent, professional opinion may be warranted. We can help!

Landscape Boston

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