Countryside Landscape Remodeling (continued)

Wrong Way!

Guests were always going to the wrong door. And there was an extremely important party in the works. The last thing a host or hostess wants is to be continually going to the side door during a party, to admit abashed celebrants.


With a looming deadline, a combination of purple flowers, white rose standards (tree form roses) and a dogwood opposite the main entrance were used to lead the eye and the guest to the proper entrance.

Scenic Canoe Launch

Going for a canoe ride is fun, but traveling down an uneven, sometimes-muddy barren trail is not. To improve the trail, oak woodchips were specified and installed, resulting in an even, dry footing and a more aesthetically-pleasing walk.

Rose Standards - Non-Standard Design

Sometimes, a homeowner cannot fully commit to a new design implementation immediately, perhaps because they want more time to consider their options, or they don't have all the required funding in place. However, they are very unhappy with how their yard looks in the interim. In this case, smaller commitments can be made, such as integrating potted plants into the design.


On this particular property, the client loved rose standards. Rainbow peastone was installed over weed fabric and potted plants were placed in these peastone beds. The reason for using pots is that rose standards (which the client loved) are not winter-hardy in New England. The clients were told that rose standards planted in the ground would need to buried every year in order to keep them alive. This is a very complicated process. Our recommendation was that the standards be placed in pots, and we constructed a modular "greenhouse" in the garage for overwintering (winter storage).


* Note: The bluestone hardscape was already in place when our design was implemented.

Hiding Utility Boxes - Have a Hidden Source of Power!

Is your utility box an eyesore? Do you ever wish they could come up with a more attractive way of dealing with power distribution? Well, we don't know if they will improve utility box design, but we will gladly work with you to overcome this common utilitarian nuisance.

Lattices can very effectively mask utility eyesores. The two photos on the left show the manner in which the house's electric meter was masked. This design still allows access for meter-reading personell and service providers. Yet, you are not stuck looking at an ugly box.


Clematis and climbing roses were planted, which will cover this lattice to make it a valuable green landscape accent. Also, this structure blurs the line between the residential structure and the surrounding landscape, creating a bridge between the natural and the man-made.

Transplanted and Redesigned Garden

We saw no reason to destroy these plants when they were removed from the front of the property during the estate renovation. Instead, we moved them to a less conspicuous part of the property and integrated them into a sparse planting bed. Often, a plant that doesn't look that great in one area will do well in another setting.


These plants had not been planted properly by the original contractor, so they were not very healthy. Nevertheless, they looked fine in this out-of-the-way setting.

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