Massachusetts Landscape Renovation: Rediscover your land!

4 simple steps to a revitalized landscape!

How do our landscape renovations work?

The first thing we do is visit your property and help you identify what's working and what isn't.


You see chaos... We see landscape potential! An opportunity to re-envision your yard, to bring it back to life again, to make it a destination!

While we identify what works, we are also identifying the landscape elements that are holding you back - plants that don't belong, plant you don't like, and plants that have seen better days and are now only eyesores.


We remove all the dysfunctional and unattractive specimens in your landscape to make way for a new landscape design, incorporating the trees, shrubs and other plantings that you still love.

Sometimes, existing plants from other parts of your yard can be transplanted and utilized in re-creating your yard.


If you have a great plant in your front yard, for example, that is more appropriate for the backyard, we will see if it's feasible to transplant it.





If transplanting of desirable trees or shrubs is possible, we install those transplants.


The next step involves the installation of plants from the nursery or garden center. We take the plants that we selected at the beginning of the process and put them in the ground.


If small shrubs, flowers or ornamental grasses can be salvaged from your landscape, they will be installed at the appropriate stage in the process, whether at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the installation.


In the end, getting a new look and a new feel for your landscape may not be as expensive as you think. Give as a call and see what we can do for you! You might be surprised at our solutions for your problems!

The completed LANDSCAPE RENOVATION - design in action! If you're in the Metro Boston, Massachusetts area, you have a lot to lose by not giving our Landscape Renovation Design Specialists a call! 1-800-553-1773. We are your Boston MA Landscape Specialists.

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