Installing Plants Right

The Key to a Healthy Start!

Unfortunately, the joy of having new trees is often quickly overshadowed by the sorrow of losing them. There are so many ways to carelessly and improperly install trees and shrubs, while there are fewer acceptable methods of planting. Due to a lack of proper training, many trees are planted in a way that leads to future tree-health complications or even tree death.


The number of trees dying shortly after planting is unacceptable and tragic. Yet, because there are no mandatory qualifications for tree care and installation in Massachusetts, anyone who wishes may practice commercial arboriculture and horticulture. This has led to serious problems for the industry.


But the point is this: not everyone who offers to install your trees and shrubs is qualified to do so. You, the consumer, really need to do your homework before you hire a company to install your trees and shrubs. It could save you a lot of money in the future.

Discover the shocking rate of tree planting failures in the U.S.

Below we have highlighted some of the things to watch out for when a contractor is installing your trees.

In addition to planting in a way that ensures the health of your plantings, it is important that weed barriers be installed (as seen in one of our Mass. Landscape Installations, below) to reduce the need for expensive weeding or chemical sprays.

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