The Greatest Threat to the Urban Forest ?!?

Improper Planting of Trees and Shrubs! (preceding diseases, insect infestations, mortality)

Why is it that improper planting continues ... and continues? We don't know for sure, but for some reason, there has not been enough public education available. As a result, hard-earned money continues to be invested in a losing battle, as healthy trees are placed in unhealthy environmental conditions.

How can we improve planting practices?

In order to give back to the community and increase plant health at the same time, Boston Horticultural has established the Proper Planting Program. The Program donates proper tree and shrub planting services to Greater Boston schools and Public Parks, as well as non-for-profit organizations.


We are grateful for the opportunity to serve a great Massachusetts clientele. What better way to express our gratitude than by making Massachusetts a better place for children to grow up. After all, the trees we plant today are for the next generation. They will be the ones to enjoy the fruit of today's labor.


"He that plants trees loves others beside himself" Dr. Thomas Fuller, 1732. British physician

Boston Hort's Proper Planting Program is part of the Green Scholars Program run by its parent company, TDL Landscaping, Inc. Proper Planting is at the heart of what Boston Hort offers to its valued clientele. We want your plants to last.

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